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Plan Description

This one-story modern home offers four bedrooms, four baths, and a spacious 675 square meters of living space with a three-car garage. As you enter the front door, you'll immediately notice a stunning living area, study room, dining area, and kitchen with plenty of room, as well as an additional activity area. The living room leads to an alfresco, perfect for outdoor entertaining. The luxurious master bedroom features a walk-in closet with a couch, a private bath with a jacuzzi tub, a separate shower, and a dual-sink vanity. Additional rooms for kids include a study, laundry, and en-suite, as well as auxiliary bedrooms. Other notable features include a spacious living area, dining area, visitor's w/c, kitchen with a store, utility area, entrance porch, kids' study, alfresco, laundry, box room, one garage, and two carports.


Design Features

Stories – 1, Bedrooms – 4, Baths – 5, Area - 158.2 Sq/m, Length - 14.0 m, Width - 11.3 m


                            4 Bedroom Modern Home Design- CD110030

                            4 Bedroom Modern Home Design- CD110030

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                            1: Substructure
                            2: Superstructure
                            3: Roof
                            4: Doors
                            5: Windows
                            6: Finishes
                            7: Decorations
                            8: Plumbing Installations
                            9: Electrical Installations
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                            • Design Specifications

                              Foundation Plan
                              Floor Plans
                              Roof Plan
                              Detailed Sections
                              Construction Details
                              Doors and windows schedule
                              Floor finishes and furniture layout plan

                              Electrical schematics
                              Schematic electrical layout plan
                              Schematic clean water layout plan
                              Schematic foul water layout plan
                              Septic tank and Soak-away pit details

                              Fence wall design

                            • Drawing List

                              All Relevant Floor Plans



                              All Relevant Details

                              Door and Window Schedule

                              Furniture Layout

                              Finishes Schedule

                              Structural Drawings

                              Mechanical Drawings

                              Electrical Drawings

                              3D Perspectives

                              Bill of Quantities – Without Rates

                              Schedule of Materials – Without Rates

                              Fire and Security Systems Layout


                              DRAWINGS DELIVERED IN DWG AND PDF FORMATS